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Modo Tip: Optimize Animation Renders for Previews

I spend a lot of time working back and forth with clients to review animations.  Many of these 3D animations are minutes long so the thousands of frames can take an enormous time to render without a powerful render farm.  In modo, I typically have all my texturing and rendering quality cranked up to provide […]

Tutorial – recoil Dynamics Plugin – Bullet Time Effect

This tutorial is for the plugin recoil available now for Modo 501. It is a free tutorial and you can download the free 3D scene for modo at the bottom of the tutorial.  Recoil is a new rigid body dynamics plugin and I must say, a fantastic one that is well integrated into modo and […]

Modo Tips – Item List and Visibility Usage

These are a number of not so common tips and concepts for modo‘s item list and item selection modes that this short tutorial outlines.  For more tutorials, please check out our training section in our shop. Collapse and Fold When you have a lot of items in your itemlist, you will typically have a large […]

Creating an animated scene: Amusement Ride Park

One of the best things I enjoy as a 3D artist is the time I take to explore new software and create my own ideas, not the usual graphics requested by a client with their own ideas and restrictions. This amusement park scene is one of those examples where I was exploring some of the […]

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