Rope Christmas Tree 01

Christmas Tree


A modo scene using deformers in modo601 to form ropes and strung in place for the Christmas tree.

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A simple scene for Christmas that is down with Modo Deformers.  This a a great scene to understand how some simple cylinders can be modified to wrap up as a rope, and be bent into place with several effectors in place.

The model is created with simple cylinders, then rotated to form the rope, bend in to an arc, vortexed into their shape and a magnet effector used to ensure one rope cross above the other instead of through each other.  There is a lightwave scene with all the objects frozen as polygons with any deformation as well if you are interested in just the model or objects.

A great scene to study and see deformers applied with order of operations to manipulate a simple object into a complex shape.  There is also a scene saved out to LWO, OBJ and FBX with frozen geometry so you don’t need any deformers, just the model.


Polygons: 52229
Mesh Type: SubD
Materials: YES
Textured: YES
Animated: NO

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