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Mixing material controls

3D Industrial Equipment

This project is a whole collection of animations and simulations of various aspects of handling bulk food & plastics materials as well as print images.  The animations vary from fly through as shown below to simulated fluid flows, controls, powder and bulk material vessels and details of each piece of equipment used in such materials handling […]

MODO701 audio particle system

Using Audio to Drive Particle Systems in MODO701

This is a guide to some of the methods I used to create the animated particle system shown above, it is not a full step by step tutorial for anyone to use.  It should however, easily show you the steps used and some of the ways you can apply this same set of tools in […]


MODO701 First Impressions

Modo 701 is a monumental release with some seriously impressive improvements, new features and all around workflow enhancements that make this package one impressive 3D package.  I’ve going to review a few of my early findings and fun features in a quick feature look.  I’m not reviewing everything or outlining all the features as Luxology […]

Free Graphics Software - title image

Great Free Software for Graphics and 3D Production

Many people who are learning 3D graphics are doing so without being able to afford the costs of 3D commercial software.  Its not that expensive but often you need additional tools, some other software only for a special purpose or just want to learn new products without the associated cost. The best way to do […]

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