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Architectural CAD Rendering

One of our services is to work with CAD data or CAD models to better present and animate what those models are used for or how they are interacting in a larger system.  Whether its just a quality render to show the product or a complex animated simulation of the equipment and its inner motion, […]

Modo Script – Render All Cameras in One Scene File

Modo has the ability to key frame just about every single parameter under its hood as a channel.  Except cameras for creating multiple angle renders and scenes.  Sometimes a single scene with a full set and animation requires multiple camera views to be rendered out for later editing the views of your choosing.  This script […]

Create a City Scene with Replicated Free 3D Buildings

This tutorials shows how to use a number of simple building mesh objects in modo 401 and use replicators to distribute them into a large city scene with many buildings for variety.  This technique works great for backgrounds and city environments for various types of animations and is all available for free using online buildings […]

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