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Mixing material controls

3D Industrial Equipment

This project is a whole collection of animations and simulations of various aspects of handling bulk food & plastics materials as well as print images.  The animations vary from fly through as shown below to simulated fluid flows, controls, powder and bulk material vessels and details of each piece of equipment used in such materials handling […]

water treatment 3D graphics visualization

Industrial Water Treatment

This project was to create visualizations of engineering designs that were going to be built in the future. These were started from some CAD geometry, but many additions, changes and layouts had to be updated, as well as all the texturing and lighting to show these simulated water treatment boxes. For the whole project, we […]

Day bin material loading

Primary Resin Visualization

A large scale plastics resin processing system was animated to show a completed installation with 3D animation used to highlight specific components and processes within the equipment. This project started with models from the client supplied from solidworks and they were then imported into modo.  As with any model import, there is much model cleanup […]

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