Spider Ride

Amusement Park Ride – Spider


A detailed model of an amusement park spider ride

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A detailed model of an amusement park spider ride. This spider is a multi-level spinning ride with separate 2-person chairs that spin, shake and swing for an exhilarating ride. The model includes all textures, most are UV mapped, some are cylindrical and planar mapped. The scene is created in modo, the main spider is all created at as separate layers and meshes and the modo scene is fully animated for reference and demonstration. You can see this with the preview animation. All other file formats are exported from modo and 2 formats are included as high poly counts frozen as polygonal models from the subD versions.


Polygons: 39893 Vertexes: 42359 Mesh Type: Polygonal (SubD terrain) Materials: YES Textured: YES Animated: NO File Formats Available LXO, OBJ, LWO, FBX


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