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Chemistry Lab Equipment


A highly detailed 3d model set of various chemistry lab equipment pieces.


Polygons: 12861
Mesh Type: SubD
Materials: YES
Textured: YES
Animated: Yes
Rigged: Yes

File Formats Available (Native format: LXO)


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Product Description

Detailed high resolution models of typical chemistry lab equipment ready to be used in most 3D apps. All parts are individual objects with UV labels and measurements images. All models are SubD for perfect smooth rendering.  Materials setup and native to modo, done in modo 902 but various formats are available for use in other applications.  HDRI map provided and UV maps for measurements.  Other materials are simple with transparency for glass and water so easy to use in any 3D program.  A simple rig example (only for use in modo) lets you morph the liquid levels using vertex morph maps to adjust from a single controller.

-High quality subD model, scaled properly to size
-Models have applied materials native to modo, but use simple transparency and reflection which translates to other formats and applications easily.
-UV textures with images for the measurement lines on the beakers/flasks.
-Modo model is setup with a simple example rig to control the liquid levels using a single control slider, with schematic morph map linking.
-Includes all textures and views for the preview images from modo with HDRI lighting.
-Organized scene, named and separated objects and simple organized materials are all included


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