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A model of a trebuchet.  The landscape is done using modo’s replicators.

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A model of a trebuchet.  A trebuchet is a style of catapult that uses a counter balance or gravity to propel the projectile. This model is simple and uses SubD and edge rendering features to keep everything smooth.  The landscape is done with modo replicators and some assets for the grass and tree components, which are included.  Several preview images show these assets which with well as instances or replicators to make any scene convincing with landscape details.  Keep in mind the landscape will only render as shown in modo, not with the other file formats.  The assets themselves are available however.


Polygons: 12337
Mesh Type: SubD & Poly
Materials: YES (some procedural)
Textured: YES (some UV maps, many image textures)
Animated: NO
Rigged: Partial (trebuchet rotates with gravity, but the ropes do not animate at all)

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