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Offroad Riding Pictures - Fish Creek Park
MK-Nasty dirtslide slope I rode for a bunch of onlooking MTBers. Slipped on the footing and skidded down, but managed to ride it out somehow, I guess for the crowd...haha MK-The steep trail coming down to the rock through the rock park
MK-Attractive trail right through the rock park MK-Coming down an awesome Rock Park at Fish Creek. You can see the creek about 250' downslope below
MK-Extreme Height at the Rock Park MK-A bit more of the technical riding at the rock park
MK-One of about 100 great rooted trails at Fish Creek MK-Riding along a fallen log
MK-Same log, different view. MK-Riding a Frozen Steam
BD-Coming down a rocky slope at Fish Creek Park MK-Coming down a rocky slope at Fish Creek Park

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