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Render Boolean Animation Cutaway

Tutorial: Animating a Pie Chart Using Render Booleans in MODO 701

The following video is a simple demonstration of how you can achieve animating a pie chart in MODO 701.  It uses the feature of render booleans and a sample MODO scene is attached here for you to download and learn from. Animated Pie Chart.zip – Sample Scene for you to use yourself.

Free Graphics Software - title image

Great Free Software for Graphics and 3D Production

Many people who are learning 3D graphics are doing so without being able to afford the costs of 3D commercial software.  Its not that expensive but often you need additional tools, some other software only for a special purpose or just want to learn new products without the associated cost. The best way to do […]

Demo Reel

This is a showcase of our work. Our demo reel is about 5 minutes of animation content taken from a variety of our own internal work and client work. You can view the demo reel directly here at our website or download a high quality animation file for viewing.

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