Welcome to Ethereal 3D

Ethereal 3D is a graphic and animation studio near Calgary, AB, Canada offering a range of 3D graphics and animation services primarily for video and multimedia production. It’s a home based business which can provide exceptional value for 3D visualizations, industrial simulations, architectural renders and all other types of custom 3D animation.

Many samples are here on the site of various client animations and you’ll see I specialize in Engineering and Industrial content due to an engineering and instrumentation background.


Please browse our Products page for more information about our products.  We currently offer products through our online store and have a number of 3D objects and scene for purchase and immediate download.  We have several free objects available and new content being added regularly, which you can find out by subscribing to our blog and news items here or by visiting the online store.


We focus on delivering custom 3D graphics and animation for a variety of clients.  We have numerous case studies, examples in our portfolio and more information about our rates and offerings from our services page.  Please contact us with any questions as we would be happy to discuss your needs and determine the best options available for your custom graphics project.

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