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  • June 19, 2010 Calgary Unicycle Scene - In The News...

    Calgary Online Journal - Jumps, hops and tricks -- all on one wheel!

    The Calgary Mountain Unipsychos is a Mountain Unicycling Club which has been started by some active Calgary riders to help generate more interest in the extreme sport of mountain unicycling in and around the Calgary, Alberta area.

    We have various levels of riders from beginners to advanced and enjoy various kinds of terrain from freestyle street riding to trials and extreme offroad in the Rockies so everyone is welcome!


    What is the club up to lately?

    Well this varies through the year. There are few riders lately active (besides me, 'Mike') in offroading at an extreme level, but there are certainly many riders getting out on one wheel for some trails and others into urban assaults and trials riding. We've not been planning group rides exept I do ride with mountain bikers every week in the mountains or fish creek.

    How to I get out to ride with people?

    Well, you can contact Mike, go through our forums or check out some of these other resources to find other riders as well.

    Screaming Skulls Club - Trials and Urban riders mostly meet regularly download.

    Also facebook has a group called, Uni Freaks with many calgary unicyclist on it. Facebook also has a sports page for Mountain Unicycling with more riders around the world.

    Also, there is a huge forum site at if you have questions about riding and want many more opinions and activity.

    So, that is the news

    Mike King (updated June 19, 2010)


    There is a news article clipping from the Mount Royal College Journal about the Calgary Mountain Unipsychos! Check it out here...

    Article in Mount Royal College Journal about CMU

    We hope this site will be of some use to you whether you live in the Calgary area or not, but if you do please let us know so that we can organize rides and games with you. If you are a beginner, or just considering getting involved in the sport, our FAQ includes recommendations on what unicycle to get. For all riders we have put together a list of recommended rides in the Calgary area, and some of our own tips to help you improve your skills. Of course we have pictures and videos to keep you excited about the sport!


    Unipsycho Extreme Video

    "Unipsycho Extreme" is a mountain unicycle video produced by Mike King and Ethereal 3D.

    This video is available here for online order.
    View the online 4 min video segment here !

    For ordering info and video details, Click Here.

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