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Oil and Gas Downhole Tool Simulation

Simulation is a very common animation requests from clients and that is because it is an excellent way to demonstrate something that is otherwise very hard with a camera.  This can be the case when the environment is dangerous, not even realized yet, or simply impossible to get a camera in place.  This is when simulation comes […]

3D Industrial Equipment

This project is a whole collection of animations and simulations of various aspects of handling bulk food & plastics materials as well as print images.  The animations vary from fly through as shown below to simulated fluid flows, controls, powder and bulk material vessels and details of each piece of equipment used in such materials handling […]

Industrial Water Treatment

This project was to create visualizations of engineering designs that were going to be built in the future. These were started from some CAD geometry, but many additions, changes and layouts had to be updated, as well as all the texturing and lighting to show these simulated water treatment boxes. For the whole project, we […]

Architectural CAD Rendering

One of our services is to work with CAD data or CAD models to better present and animate what those models are used for or how they are interacting in a larger system.  Whether its just a quality render to show the product or a complex animated simulation of the equipment and its inner motion, […]

3D Maps and Geographic Documentary

Ethereal 3D provided a number of 3D animated sequences used in a documentary on the gold-rush area.  The treacherous terrain of the Chilkat trail and White Pass Mountains were horrific trade routes that many men travelled risking their lives for the hope of gold! This documentary needed trade routes to be traced out and Ethereal […]

Tutorial: Animating a Pie Chart Using Render Booleans in MODO 701

The following video is a simple demonstration of how you can achieve animating a pie chart in MODO 701.  It uses the feature of render booleans and a sample MODO scene is attached here for you to download and learn from. Animated Pie – Sample Scene for you to use yourself.

MODO 701 SP3 Network Rendering Setup

This is a brief video tutorial on setting up a simple network rendering environment in MODO 701SP3, to show the few steps involved and then briefly how it works in action on a network.

Compositing Modo Render Passes as Image Sequences in Blender

If you use 3D applications for image or animation sequences, most 3D apps can output different layers.  This tutorial is about using render layers from MODO to be composited in Blender using its node based compositor features.  Many 3D artists have 3D software with this layer capability but don’t need or use a compositor in […]

Using Audio to Drive Particle Systems in MODO701

This is a guide to some of the methods I used to create the animated particle system shown above, it is not a full step by step tutorial for anyone to use.  It should however, easily show you the steps used and some of the ways you can apply this same set of tools in […]

MODO701 Minor Enhancements and Feature Tour

There are a lot of big features and enhancements in MODO701 and while obviously those are what make up the most attractive aspects of the upgrade, many many smaller workflow and minor detail enhancements have been added to MODO701.  These exist in all areas that really help to polish off some areas and improve the […]

MODO701 First Impressions

Modo 701 is a monumental release with some seriously impressive improvements, new features and all around workflow enhancements that make this package one impressive 3D package.  I’ve going to review a few of my early findings and fun features in a quick feature look.  I’m not reviewing everything or outlining all the features as Luxology […]

MODO701 Previews

I’m certainly excited about the new technology coming from luxology soon.  They have been releasing MODO701 sneak peaks and I have to say, it looks awesome!  Since its my main animation tool, I’m looking forward to the many enhancements, the particle system to free from my my other 3D apps and some impressive workflow improvements. […]

Great Free Software for Graphics and 3D Production

Many people who are learning 3D graphics are doing so without being able to afford the costs of 3D commercial software.  Its not that expensive but often you need additional tools, some other software only for a special purpose or just want to learn new products without the associated cost. The best way to do […]

Wow! Luxology and The Foundry Merge Forces!

Wow, I’m a user of modo and a big fan of Luxology, and likely a future user of products from The Foundry, which I haven’t yet used.  Anyway, the reason is because today, The Foundry and Luxology have announced a merger.  I think this is exciting news for the 3D industry of 3D animation tools […]

Initial Use and Thoughts of modo601

WOW, modo601 not only had an impressive launch from Luxology on Feb 29, 2012, but it actually deserves the impressive launch to go along with its impressive feature set, workflow enhancements and application integration.  I’ve followed Luxology since their exit from Lightwave development years and years ago and have been a day one user of […]

A new Store, new Products, Sale Items!

I’ve changed the online store system I use to be a much better product search, descriptions and checkout process.  I’ve also started adding some new content to the store.  A number of stock photos are available for incredibly low pricing.  Also, check the 3D objects for some new content and browse the new store.  I’d love to […]

Modo Tip: Optimize Animation Renders for Previews

I spend a lot of time working back and forth with clients to review animations.  Many of these 3D animations are minutes long so the thousands of frames can take an enormous time to render without a powerful render farm.  In modo, I typically have all my texturing and rendering quality cranked up to provide […]

Tutorial – recoil Dynamics Plugin – Bullet Time Effect

This tutorial is for the plugin recoil available now for Modo 501. It is a free tutorial and you can download the free 3D scene for modo at the bottom of the tutorial.  Recoil is a new rigid body dynamics plugin and I must say, a fantastic one that is well integrated into modo and […]

Modo Script – Render All Cameras in One Scene File

Modo has the ability to key frame just about every single parameter under its hood as a channel.  Except cameras for creating multiple angle renders and scenes.  Sometimes a single scene with a full set and animation requires multiple camera views to be rendered out for later editing the views of your choosing.  This script […]

Modo Tips – Item List and Visibility Usage

These are a number of not so common tips and concepts for modo‘s item list and item selection modes that this short tutorial outlines.  For more tutorials, please check out our training section in our shop. Collapse and Fold When you have a lot of items in your itemlist, you will typically have a large […]

Additional Objects in the Online Shop

There are now a couple of new underwater objects in the online store here at Ethereal 3D. There is an object of a Black Tip Reef Shark and another of a Naso Tang Marine Fish.

New Products and Online Shop

3D Object – Mountain Unicycle I wanted to outline a few new items in our product list here at Ethereal 3D and a few other changes to the site.  I continue to add to the 3D objects that are available and this month I’ve added a detailed mountain unicycle to the list.  Unicycles are often […]

Creating an animated scene: Amusement Ride Park

One of the best things I enjoy as a 3D artist is the time I take to explore new software and create my own ideas, not the usual graphics requested by a client with their own ideas and restrictions. This amusement park scene is one of those examples where I was exploring some of the […]

Create a City Scene with Replicated Free 3D Buildings

This tutorials shows how to use a number of simple building mesh objects in modo 401 and use replicators to distribute them into a large city scene with many buildings for variety.  This technique works great for backgrounds and city environments for various types of animations and is all available for free using online buildings […]

Bake Textures and Simplify a Model from 3D Google Warehouse

This tutorials shows some steps to convert a model from the online Google 3D warehouse into a simple single mesh single texture object.  This can be very useful for creating filler content that is not the center of attention but easily good enough for stand in content and backgrounds to 3D scenes.  I’ll be taking […]

Primary Resin Visualization

A large scale plastics resin processing system was animated to show a completed installation with 3D animation used to highlight specific components and processes within the equipment. This project started with models from the client supplied from solidworks and they were then imported into modo.  As with any model import, there is much model cleanup […]

Modeling a Wooden Canoe

A tutorial showing the steps to produce a standard wooden canoe.

Cavity Pump Visualization

Visualizations provided for demonstrating underground operation and theory behind cavity pumps for oil and gas


Visualization, simulation and prototypes are frequently needed in 3D to demonstrate what cannot otherwise be done yet or cost effectively.

Products and Objects

Single objects, products, prototypes, designs and samples are often needed in 3D.

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