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MODO701 audio particle system

Using Audio to Drive Particle Systems in MODO701

This is a guide to some of the methods I used to create the animated particle system shown above, it is not a full step by step tutorial for anyone to use.  It should however, easily show you the steps used and some of the ways you can apply this same set of tools in […]

MODO701 Minor Enhancements and Feature Tour

There are a lot of big features and enhancements in MODO701 and while obviously those are what make up the most attractive aspects of the upgrade, many many smaller workflow and minor detail enhancements have been added to MODO701.  These exist in all areas that really help to polish off some areas and improve the […]


MODO701 First Impressions

Modo 701 is a monumental release with some seriously impressive improvements, new features and all around workflow enhancements that make this package one impressive 3D package.  I’ve going to review a few of my early findings and fun features in a quick feature look.  I’m not reviewing everything or outlining all the features as Luxology […]


MODO701 Previews

I’m certainly excited about the new technology coming from luxology soon.  They have been releasing MODO701 sneak peaks and I have to say, it looks awesome!  Since its my main animation tool, I’m looking forward to the many enhancements, the particle system to free from my my other 3D apps and some impressive workflow improvements. […]

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