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Mixing material controls

3D Industrial Equipment

This project is a whole collection of animations and simulations of various aspects of handling bulk food & plastics materials as well as print images.  The animations vary from fly through as shown below to simulated fluid flows, controls, powder and bulk material vessels and details of each piece of equipment used in such materials handling […]

Render Boolean Animation Cutaway

Tutorial: Animating a Pie Chart Using Render Booleans in MODO 701

The following video is a simple demonstration of how you can achieve animating a pie chart in MODO 701.  It uses the feature of render booleans and a sample MODO scene is attached here for you to download and learn from. Animated Pie Chart.zip – Sample Scene for you to use yourself.

Basic Composite

Compositing Modo Render Passes as Image Sequences in Blender

If you use 3D applications for image or animation sequences, most 3D apps can output different layers.  This tutorial is about using render layers from MODO to be composited in Blender using its node based compositor features.  Many 3D artists have 3D software with this layer capability but don’t need or use a compositor in […]


MODO701 Previews

I’m certainly excited about the new technology coming from luxology soon.  They have been releasing MODO701 sneak peaks and I have to say, it looks awesome!  Since its my main animation tool, I’m looking forward to the many enhancements, the particle system to free from my my other 3D apps and some impressive workflow improvements. […]

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