Wow! Luxology and The Foundry Merge Forces!

Wow, I’m a user of modo and a big fan of Luxology, and likely a future user of products from The Foundry, which I haven’t yet used.  Anyway, the reason is because today, The Foundry and Luxology have announced a merger.  I think this is exciting news for the 3D industry of 3D animation tools and visual effects tools are always needing better integration, which luxology seems to do brilliantly and at the same time, some focus on effects in real production environments, which The Foundry really has excelled in with their product line.

I look forward to see more of this merger and to take advantage of both the continuation of modo with Luxology and hopefully more tools I can use for the work I do as a 3D artist and with the animations I produce.  Here is the press release and some other links on other info about the merger if you are interested: